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Sharing my passion for information, standards, and good practice in aesthetics.

Here you will find blog posts mostly about aesthetics. I keep promising to share more – my 2021 goal!

Get Harley

Skin Consultations, tailored to you. Why Skin Consultations? For a long time, I have looked at getting Clinic – Only skincare in. You might hear people use the term “medical grade” which i don’t love, but essentially it means skincare you can only get from a professional clinic. I spend an increasing amount of time…

For Fox Sake….

Aesthetic trends are on the rise. Russian lips, “Snatched” packages and Fox Eye Brow lifts. So what’s the problem? Strap in, grab a coffee. This is kind of a long one, but I need to get it off my chest! This morning, someone sent me a post from an aesthetics page with a huge following…

Skinny Injections. What’s the beef?

Cleanses, detoxes and supplements. The latest trend? Skinny Injections. So what’s the problem? If they’re being sold on Instagram, they can’t be that bad, right?

Thinking about Botox?

Cosmetic Injectables are on the rise. This week, a high street beauty store has announced they are planning to introduce a budget service into their stores (the jury is still out on that for me) and you can’t open a magazine, or social media app, without being faced with flawless, filtered faces. So what is…


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