Get Harley

Skin Consultations, tailored to you.

Why Skin Consultations?

For a long time, I have looked at getting Clinic – Only skincare in. You might hear people use the term “medical grade” which i don’t love, but essentially it means skincare you can only get from a professional clinic.

I spend an increasing amount of time in consultations and in my DM’s, talking about products, brands, giving advice, and it is something I am really passionate about. Skin Health has a huge impact on people, on their confidence and happiness, and even on their mental health. Injectables aren’t for everyone! And even for those who do use injectables, having great treatment without good skincare at home, is like having a sturdy tent frame, with a cover full of holes! Your results of facials and injectables will last much longer with a little investment into a decent routine.

Why Get Harley?

When Get Harley approached me, I had already looked at a number of different brands. And I knew what I didn’t want:

  • A shelf full of products that I felt I needed to push sales on because of their shelf life
  • A single brand, or pushing an entire routine from one company
  • Overpriced, over hyped skincare, without results
  • A massive financial outlay for me

A saleswoman I am not! And that’s not what I wanted this service to become. Anyone who has talked skincare with me, will know that this is a hobby/personal passion that has turned into an element of my business. I will never recommend something I don’t really believe in.

Get Harley is a skincare concierge service. It allows me to have access to a wide range of professional brands (both clinic only, and widely available brands) and some excellent customer service options. It means that rather than having to recommend a whole routine that my heart just isn’t in, I can suggest options based of your budget, your skin type and your needs. By finding a routine you can stick to, and be consistent with, you’re more likely to get the results you’re aiming for.

How does it work?

  • Book in for a consultation
  • You will be sent a questionnaire to complete beforehand
  • During the consultation – We will discuss skin concerns, goals, current routine, time availability and budget. I will talk you through some skincare suggestions, active ingredients, skin treatments and routines. I will complete your questionnaire with suggested products from Get Harley, along with some high street alternatives, routine suggestions and any other relevant information like in house skin treatments. You may think it’s bad business to suggest high street options, but while the active ingredients and formulations won’t be as effective, a combination of high street and clinic only care often suits more peoples budgets and that is very important!
  • I will complete your Get Harley profile
  • You will be sent a link to see your suggestions and buy whatever bits you would like to
  • They will be sent to your door in an eco friendly box
  • You will be contacted after a few weeks to see how you are getting on (either by WhatsApp or email)
  • When you are due to run out, Get Harley will let you know, and see if you need replacements, alternatives or further consultation

What Brands?

I have chosen the following brands. If you have any specific brands you would like to use, we can organise that for you though, just let me know in advance!

  • Medik8
  • Skin Better Science
  • Neostrata
  • Cyspera
  • Mesoestetic
  • Heliocare
  • Exuviance

No pushy sales, no over – hyped skincare, and most importantly, no shelf full of products that don’t work and that you don’t need. Just great brands, great ingredients, and great skin!

DM, Call, WhatsApp or email to get booked in.

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